We do the boring stuff; you get to enjoy the funished product


Who We Are

First of all let’s address the big question on everyone’s mind. No, we did not misspell Boll. It’s a play on the fact that this was started by 3.5 brothers who all share a last name of Boll. There is Bruce, Dave, Adam, and the half is Justin (he and his fiancee are marrying in to the Boll family). Together we have been gaming since back in the day (which as a fun fact was a Tuesday). It doesn’t matter if we are playing Tabletop RPGs, all day gaming sessions of games that never seem to end (looking at you Mage Knight), or just short quick games with our kids, it’s always as a family. That’s what we want to bring to the table (terrible pun fire whomever wrote that), all of those experiences and the same joy and fun we experience as a family to others!



“We say lots of quotable things. We just don’t remember any of them.”

Justin Erdman  |  Co-Founder